TV Series

Our YouTube channel has all of the 27 TV episodes and all of the 62 individual challenges available for viewing to help teach kids programming using Scratch.

The "Scratch" webpage has information about the Scratch programming language.

The TV series is available on my YouTube channel and on television in the San Diego area.

The shows are broadcasted @ 8:00 AM (Pacific Time) on Saturdays and @ 4:00 PM (Pacific Time) on Wednesdays (except November 11, 2015) in the San Diego area on the Public Access Channel.

Refer to your TV service provider's listings to find the channel (Channel 23 on Cox Cable).

I am optimistic that I can get iTV to start broadcasting the series soon - possibly in December, 2015. I'll update this section as information becomes available.


Here are the first 3 episodes from the TV Episodes webpage:

The first episode introduces Scratch's environment and Vector Mode Editor:

The 2nd episode introduces loops, Cartesian Coordinates and the Say Block:

The 3rd episode introduces If & If-Else Blocks and the Bitmap Mode Editor:

The TV Episodes webpage lists of all of the episodes.